KonoSuba S2 Episode 2!

Have you guys seen the second episode of KonoSuba Season 2? If you haven't, know that you are an inferior human being. If you did, know that you are an inferior human being if you haven't read the light novels. If you did both, then congrats!

The second episode definitely picked up very quickly from where most people felt the first episode left them slightly unfulfilled. The animation this time around, although still wonky, played more to its strengths and most people seem to finally see how it works for the series. I realised I was laughing to a lot of the character reactions aside from the jokes themselves. Truly, the animation choice was a good one.

In terms of story, the only part that was different (or at least, something I genuinely did not remember happening) is when Megumin and Yunyun decided to use the magic device and it displayed their shameful past. It could be they introduced that to either give some background to both characters in light that Volume 5 may never get adapted or as a short filler for the episode. Either way, it was still good (and unfortunate) to see the little flashbacks we got of our two favourite Crimson Demons. The funniest moment has got to be when Yunyun went to sniff the flower and it literally got up and walked away.

Also, I've gotta say, hearing Aqua and Yunyun cry soothes my soul. I'm not a sadist or a sexist. They're just super cute when they do so. Again, props to some great voice acting. Another great part comes from Chomusuke's kneading of Wiz's twin peaks. If you didn't see this, go back and watch the whole episode. Yes, the whole episode.

The ending song hits the same calm notes as in season 1 and even follows the same sort of melody. It actually reminds me of a very similar English song but I can't quite put my finger on it. People were nitpicking that some parts of the animation were rehashed from the first ending song but I thought it was fine. Nitpicking a show like this isn't exactly possible in my opinion.


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