Trading Figure Ebina Nana

Today, we have something really interesting and unexpected on Tiro Finale. Ten points if you already know who the character above is. If not, I would recommend you either read or watch Himouto! Umaru-chan first. Back from his recent trip to Tokyo, our resident writer, Lance, was nice enough to get me a small but sweet souvenir from Tokyo. Here she is, Good Smile Company's Trading Figure Ebina Nana.

Front View
When I mention small, I mean it in the literal sense of the word. From head to toe, Ebina-chan measures only 350 mm tall. Add in the stand and it adds up to 450 mm, still a very small figure. For a sense of scale, the already tiny Nendoroid Petites are 650 mm in height! Despite all that though, it is pretty amazing how GSC managed to stuff so much detail into such a tiny little figure!

Rear View
Speaking of stands, the stand for Ebina is absolutely necessary as she would be unable to stand upright otherwise. The stand and base itself is made of clear plastic making for a much less intrusive look. While the design themselves are very similar for the ones used for Nendoroid Petite(s) which is a single round base and an "L-shaped" stand. Simple, yet very effective. Because of her smaller size and lighter weight, she dislodges less often too which is another plus point.

Much of the detailing for Ebina's sole figure is centered on her facial expression. With her signature wriggly-mouth and red eyes, the figure captures Ebina's usual timid expression perfectly. Even more amazing is the sculpt of her fringe which are incredibly well sculpted with good separation between them.

The Ebi in Ebina's name eludes to a prawn which is why Ebina-chan has those adorable prawn-themed hair bands that she wear on both sides. Being one of Ebina's signature accessories, GSC has made sure to not omit it from the final product.

This all the more amazing especially when you realize just how small her hairbands are. If it was not for the contrasting orange and white color scheme, these hairbands would be none to visible from even a short distance. 

Aside from that, Ebina's uniform is very well reproduced too. Her simple white blouse and red skirt coupled with the red ribbon are all there. Even the cuffs at the end of her sleeves are present!

In terms of articulation, Ebina is only able to rotate her head 360 degrees. Otherwise, every other part remains static which, in a figure this size, is a very good thing. With less moving parts, the entire package feels much sturdier and the risk of losing any parts is ultimately reduced. 

Originally available as part of the Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figure, Ebina-chan was one of the eight possible figures from the entire set. Customers could either get them as part of an individual blind box or purchase the entire set of 8. Brand new, the set of 8 cost 4,800 Yen (before tax). But these days, the entire set is rather difficult to find since its release in January 2016. As such, your best bet would be re-sellers which sell these figures individually.

Looks like Ebina-chan wants to say something.
At 600 Yen a piece, these little trading figures are by no means cheap especially when you consider how small they are. That being said, the cost, while not immediately apparent, is fairly justifiable when you consider the level of detail and quality GSC put into each and every one of these little gems. 

While I may not be a very big fan of the Himouto! series, Ebina is certainly my favorite character from it. With this being her sole figure currently, I am more than happy to add her to my collection. I just hope I do not end up misplacing her because of her small size! Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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