KonoSuba S2 Episode 3!

Episode 3! Have you seen it yet? I feel like I'm going to be posting weekly for each episode. I certainly don't see why I shouldn't.

Episode 3 opens with a throwback to season 1 where Megumin hilarious explodes through the phonetics of her spell. Most people will complain about the rehash of jokes but I don't really mind it. It's cute and I guess it's needed to lengthen each episode to satisfy the quota of each mini-arc.

This episode's arc is one of my most favourite parts of Volume 3: Kazuma and Aqua's exploration into the cave. I loved this part because of the back and forth between the two and a sort of showcase on how far these two have come (in terms of adapting to the world and each other). Usually, for stories like this, taking a step back to simply focus on the original heroes is a very welcomed shift in focus.

The line delivery and animation for this portion deserves big praise. I don't really want to explain it. Then again, I don't have to. I assumed those reading this article have already watched the episode. Besides that, I like some of the visuals they used too. For example, the mimic. I've never seen a mimic done like that before and it certainly garnered the same expression from me that it did Kazuma and Aqua.

I liked that they left the emotional part without some sort of gag. It really brought to light Aqua's actual holy desire to purify and guide the dead. Really can't wait for Volume 4 now. I also realised that this was where it was revealed that Aqua attracts the undead. Remember this fact. It will explain loads of things going forward.

As for the part at the end, that was unneeded in my opinion. But I understand the need to add in some quick, cheesy humour. I believe they are allowed to get away with the occasional staleness. You can take solace in knowing that that didn't happen in the novel. Or maybe you liked that part. To each his own.


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