SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 9

In the midst of the Lunar New Year, a new event has started on SIF's EN Server, Medley Festival Round 9 and it sure is a long event. Twelve days to be exact! Running from the 26th of January till the 6th of February, this Nico-centered Medley Festival is sure to see some very high cutoffs. Moreover, this marks the debut of the highly awaited and popular SR Rock Nico.
Her first copy is unlocked at 25,000 Event Points, which equate to roughly 25 plays of 3x EX difficulty. Not too difficult for most players and definitely achievable even without the use of any Love Gems. 

Of course, what everybody would have their eyes on is the idolized version and the only way to get hold of that is via qualifying within the top 5500 positions. Despite being a single-SR event, I foresee the competition to be rather stiff owing to the nature of Medley Festivals and their lucrative rewards. 
Of course, in a few days time, we will be taking a look at the aforementioned SR Rock Nico in closer detail. But before that, another Nico is being given out too! In conjunction with the Lunar New Year celebrations, KLab is giving out a UR Nico as a third day login bonus. This should appease many Nico fans all around the world even if it is only a promo-UR. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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