SIF Coverage - Such a Miracle! Conclusion

After nine days of competition, Such a Miracle! has finally come to an end. Things were rather interesting this time around for this shorter than usual event. Things started of slow with cutoffs moving according to prediction within the first 6 days of the event. When we finally reached the last three days, the release of the 4X Event Songs saw a slight surge in cutoffs for Tier 1. But surprisingly, the cutoffs for Tier 2 remained unaffected. Instead of explaining in words, I figure pictures would serve as a better explanation. 

The first 5 positions were dominated by Rin fans, with the top spot going to (Korean username whom I am unable to read) with 654,321 event points. The rest are not too far behind either. But, what is most interesting are the joint tied 3rd place finishes at 500,111 points.
Earlier I mentioned the cutoffs for Tier 1 went above the earlier predicted scores, and indeed they did cutting off at 50,108 points. This is a whole 5,000 points above the earlier predicted 45,000 event points cutoff which in Token Events is rather significant.

Moving on to Tier 2, the cutoffs remained well within the initial predictions of 25,000 event points. In fact, it actually finished a few hundred points shy at 24,768 points. This made for a rather easy to achieve Tier 2.

Event rewards for qualifying in Tier 2.

And an additional Love Gem given as compensation for extended maintenance.

Before we move on to Rin, let us take a quick look at the event's N member, Kujo Seira.

Here she is in card form.

It is time to idolize Rin, which means using the Special Practice blender. As usual, do not forget to place the higher ranked copy on the upper slot so as to not lose your progress. On top of that, using an identical member unlocks an additional Skill Slot.
Rin is now a Shrine Maiden!

At Level 80, Rin's Pure Points rise up to 4,690 points making her the 13th strongest Event Pure SR. Once idolized, her maximum Bond also rises to 500 points which serve to further complement her Pure stats.
In terms of skills, one can never go wrong with Pure Cross as the 16% boost is the most impactful point boost for a single 3 slot skill on an individual member.  

Lastly, here is a closer look at Shrine Maiden Rin in card form. I really like how her Shrine Maiden outfit looks more ceremonial as opposed to the traditional looking Shrine Maiden uniform. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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