Atago Pillow

I finally got a suitably sized pillow for my Atago pillow cover, a 45 x 45 cm one to be specific. Now that it has been properly fitted, you can see how the design looks. One side of it features the top half of Atago as seen in her game art.

While the other side has Atago in her damaged form! The fabric used for the pillow cover is the ordinary canvas-like fabric as compared to the other "smooth" types usually used for anime-themed pillows. Nevertheless, the cover's quality is really good with the fabric being rather thick as you'd come to expect for paying 2500 Yen.

Looks like I've taken the next step into collection, pillows.  Fortunately, I'm not looking into getting any new ones soon as these can be rather pricey, not to mention, space consuming!

That's all for this quick update, Tiro Finale will be back again tomorrow with a 360 view of Mami that I reviewed earlier. Until then, have a great day everybody!


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