Of First Events and Super Rares

It's finally over! Nine grueling days of Maki's event and it has finally come to an end. Through it all, I managed to come out on top not only managing to stay within the Top 4500 ergo Tier 2, I also managed a pretty good position throughout the entire rankings.

The final position? 2087 which is not bad considering I wasn't able to partake in the mad dash many did in the last two hours. How mad? In the last two hours alone, the cutoff for Rank 4500 went up by 1000 points every hour with an increase of slightly over 2000 by the end of it.
What this meant is that this seemingly benign 9 day event turned out to be extremely competitive! The final cutoff for Tier 2 was 25,812 points. Many players estimated the cutoff would have been somewhere in the 23-24.5K region but, for it to so close to 26,000 points just goes to show how competitive this event was! That's pretty insane considering how short the event was. That just goes to show how extremely popular Maki is. 
I had set my sights on going two thousand over the estimated cutoff as many veteran players suggested. Fortunately, that paid off with my second SR Maki! The un-idolized version had been my centre throughout half the event and I didn't waste a second to take her to the next level.
The result? Super Rare Goth Maki! Initially, I wasn't a huge fan of the card's design but, seeing it again now, I'm quickly beginning to change my opinion.
The outfit suits Maki so well and I'm really glad to have it in my collection. I wonder what the Side Story will be about.
Adding to this windfall of luck, right before maintenance hit, I did my second 10 member scout of the day and got two Rare Hanayo! One red Smile card and another green Pure card, just the members I need to bolster my rather weak Pure and Smile names.

What a week it has been! Thankfully my timetable wasn't packed this week allowing me to put in extra time into the event. I'll unlikely repeat this process again for the future events as the cost is just too much. Not just in terms of using Love Gems but, also the time investment that is required. While Maki isn't my favorite of Muse (my third in fact, after Nozomi and Eli), I really wanted to see how well I'd be able to fare in my first event. All things considered, I'm really glad I persevered through the entire event as it was, for the most part, really fun too! 

Fortunately, I'm happy to settle with the un-idolized Rares for the upcoming few events except maybe for Spiritual Life Nozomi and her Perfect Lock skill, gotta have that! Well that's all for now as I need to get plenty of rest. Until then, have a great day and fantastic weekend ahead everyone!


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