Nendoroid Petit Tomoe Mami (School Uniform) Gallery

I've had a really busy day today and, unfortunately, do not have the time to fiddle around with my new lens as I've planned to. Nevertheless, with what little time I have, a figure gallery was definitely possible. After all, I'd hate to waste a day on Tiro Finale without content.

For today's gallery, we have the super adorable Nendoroid Petit Tomoe Mami as our spotlight figure. Dressed in the demure Mitakihara school uniform, Mami looks absolutely adorable in this mini sized version of her.

Petit Mami was one of the earlier figures I reviewed on Tiro Finale and taking photos again, I remembered the challenge it was! Because Mami is so small, trying to get close up focus was extremely difficult. Often times, my camera would just refuse to get into focus as the minimum focusing distance wasn't sufficient.

Maybe I need to get a macro lens like so many figure photographers do?

I wonder what Mami is thinking of? Tea parties?

The shots are a little brighter this time around and Mami is still ever so cute!
I mentioned in my review that the twin tails can articulate in a single plane but, I hadn't captured a shot of it.
Well, here it is. Mami's tactical drill, useful for both style and substance.
With that final shot, I hope you've enjoyed this short gallery of Petit Mami. How are the photos this time around? I hope they're better. "Always gotta strife to take better shots and do my figures justice!", is what I tell myself. At any rate, thanks so much for sticking around till the end!

Until next time, have a great day and wonderful weekend ahead!


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