The Mysteries of Otonoki: Story 3

Getting into the ranking is one thing, trying to maintain is another thing completely. There's only 4 days left for the event and everyone in the rankings are begin to climb rather steadily. As a newcomer, trying to stay within the top 4500 spots is proving to be really difficult! How ever will I manage? Hopefully I can hold on for 3 more days. For now, it is just a continuous grind with sleep being loss every day.

Well, enough about me, here's part 3 of the Mysteries of Otonoki story-line. Enjoy!

Poor Maki, she's so scared!

That's all for today, back to work for me. Part 4 will be up tomorrow and the finale (which I've yet to play) will be on the following day, one day before the end of the event. Until then, have a great day everyone!


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