Deformer Atago Gallery

Wanting to experiment with a few new camera settings, I decided to take Atago out again for another round of photo shoots. Why? Well, for starters a smaller figure like this allows me to cram everything into a single frame. Another, it just happened to be close by my camera setup.

Looking back at earlier Tiro Finale photos, I wasn't quite happy with them especially in terms of exposure.

Mastering exposure has been something I found fairly tricky with figures. 

Unlike traditional photography, standard exposure alone won't do as the surroundings end up looking too dark. Exposure compensation has to be increased anywhere from +1.0 to +2.0 in order to highlight the figure (in the foreground) over the background.

Worse part is just when you think you've found the sweet spot for your exposure, the effect can change drastically based on how you angle the figure.

Much of this is due to the image processor of your camera trying to calculate the best light balance. This is less of a problem with newer more advanced cameras, specifically DSLRs but, other cameras may tend to struggle a little.
If your exposure compensation is too high, your image then becomes far too overexposed leading to significant loss in detail and color. The line between overexposed and just right is a thin line and for me it's still very hit and miss.
Too bright?
Just right. See how important of a role exposure plays?

I wonder what Atago is thinking about

That's all for this little part tutorial, part gallery for today. If you've gained some pointers from shooting figure photos from reading this then, great! If not, there's still the Atago gallery for your enjoyment. Tomorrow, perhaps I'll try out some different lenses?

Until then, have a great day everyone!


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