That Sudden Impulse

Delving deeper into Nozomi-fandom, there's one unavoidable thing, Nozomi isn't complete without her other equally important half. That of course is her fellow third year and student council member (president in fact), the beautiful Ayase Eli. It's no surprise the two are commonly shipped together. Shy of NicoMaki, NozoEli seems to be the second biggest ship in the Love Live franchise.

Initially, I wasn't much a fan of Eli but, the second season of the anime really helped turn that around. That and her chemistry with Nozomi is really good too! Hence, when Eli's Nendoroid came around for a second release (I missed the first), it had me thinking long and hard whether to get it or not. 

Initially, I felt Nozomi alone would suffice until Good Smile did a one up of us by introducing the "Training Outfit" versions of all of Muse's members and with a bonus "holding hands" part included if you pre-ordered from them. By then, I was more or less sold with the idea of getting Eli!

Only problem was, how? Being a newly released Nendoroid, Eli was still fairly common in the market. Yet, prices seemed a little too steep for my liking. After a Love Liver(s) are a pretty fanatical bunch, any one who hasn't got theirs is most probably willing to spend a lot to. 

The re-release came as a little blessing for me, helping to dip the prices down again. Only thing left to do now is to place the pre-order, yet I still look for any possible avenues of getting it cheaper. That's just how I am.
One thing which did intrigue me about Eli's re-release is the release date, October 2015, which is exactly the same as Nozomi's Nendoroid release date. Coincidence? I think not. Either way, looks like that's another character who will be making it into my collection.

That will be all for my little rant today. I guess no one really pays to much attention but, it is nice to just get it out there. Until then, have a great day everyone!

P.S. All photo credits go to GSC, check out their official product page for Nendoroid Ayase Eli here


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