Gifts from a Friend

A friend of mine recently took off to Tokyo for a holiday and being the awesome fellow that he is, he got me gifts! The first of which is a super cute Mami & Bebe pinch rubber strap. I've been wanting to get my hands on this for some time now. Now, I have even more Mami rubber straps to my collection!
Bebe looks extremely adorable cute climbing up upon Mami's back while Mami remains so composed. These days many rubber straps mount directly into your phone's headphone jack as the usual loop for placing the strap isn't present on many modern smartphones. Nevertheless, if your phone does have the loop, you can still utilize as the headphone jack insert can be removed. Sounds confusing? Maybe I should have a demonstration.

The other is my first pillow cover with Atago on it! Not a dakimakura cover instead, a pillow cover for a square pillow. It measures 45 x 45 cm, which means I'll need to get a new square pillow and a rather big one at it too.

As with most pillow covers, there's two sides with different illustrations. One with Atago in full glory and another in her damaged form. I haven't opened it just yet but, just by looking the fabric does appear to be pretty high quality.
While I may not be getting many new figures this month, this sure comes as a welcome surprise! Well, that's all for today with this little "haul" segment. Until then, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day ahead.


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