August Haul (??)

The last of August has come and, surprisingly, I actually have something new to add to the collection this month. My Celty Nendoroid was scheduled to have arrived this month but, as it turns out, that has been delayed till next month. For now, there are two new small additions to my collection.

The first of which is yet another Kyun Chara Mami, this time the C Prize from one of the many Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji. I really hope they start making more Mami scale figures because all I'm left to collect are Kyun Chara figures now. Although, I do understand that is quite a long shot because the series has been rather inactive for a significant while now. Hopefully a new series centering on Mami? Please Nitro+ make it happen!
The other is just a small gift from a friend from the recent SAO Ichiban Kuji draw. This G Prize consists of a book cover and a clear file, something my friend has too many off after playing multiple draws in the recent Kuji.

This is the first time I have gotten an anime-themed book cover so, I'm not sure if I will actually be using it. The clear file on the other hand would prove to be mighty useful as I tend to go through those surprisingly quickly.

Well, that's all for now as I take my leave and prepare more content for the coming week. Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!


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