Love Live Beach Queens

Let's start of the week with some Love Live merchandise news. Missed your chance to grab your favorite Muse member in Beach Queen guise back when it was out? Well, good news for you as Wave has announced that they will be re-releasing all the lovely beauties! Pre-orders are up now and they'll be expected to release in November this year (2015).

If you're like me and missed the original order and you're not willing to pay the inflated rates many shops are charging, you're in luck! Eli and Nozomi are without a doubt the primary ones to collect for me but, Kotori looks really cute too. I'm not usually a fan of Kotori but, that green swimsuit sure looks great on her. That's not to say the other members don't look good as well!

With Love Live's popularity growing to all new heights, it wasn't unexpected for Wave to issues a re-release. That and the growing trends of high quality scale figures for Love Live means my wallet is going to be taking quite the hit. Oh, well!

That's all for today. New content should be up tomorrow and expect a review to come this week as well! Until then, have a great day everyone!


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