The Mysteries of Otonoki: Story 2

Just a few point shy of SR Maki and the final chapter of the story! Even then, trying to keep within the rankings is so difficult too especially since it is now the weekdays. Hopefully I'm still able to stay within the top 4500 by the end of the event. I'm so tempted to just slow down after getting my first SR Maki. Who knows how things will go?

Well, for now, here's the second part of the Mysteries of Otonoki. Enjoy!

They actually say "Hanako-san" instead of toilet ghosts as the English subtitles show. If you didn't know, Hanako-san is the one of the infamous Japanese toilet ghosts.

That will be all for today, part three will be up tomorrow! Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!


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