Sonico Wallpapers

Feeling a little creative today, I decided to take some desktop wallpaper-style photos of my little Sonico figures. Their tiny proportions fit perfectly into the picture and make for some pretty interesting photos. 
To put it into scale, these Sonico figures are no larger than the size of an eraser! Even among Gashapon toys, that's a relatively small size to be.

Their small size means you can display them almost anywhere without much interruption. Atop your work table to bedside night stand, they just fit in everywhere.
Just make sure you don't lose sight of them though. Last thing you'd want to do is knock it down without knowing and, later, stepping on it. Ouch!
Well? What did you think of the photo concepts? If only I had a macro lens, I could get even better close ups. For now, best to make do with my current equipment.

That's been all for now, I hope you enjoyed this little segment. Something different from the usual routine is always nice. Until then, have a great weekend everyone!


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