Chiba Days #13 - My Little GT-R

Hello everyone and welcome to another chapter of Chiba Days. As a follow up to my Tokyo Motor Show coverage, today we will be taking a look at the little souvenir that I managed to get from the Tomica Corner

If you are not familiar with Tomica, they are akin to Hot Wheels of Japan. The major difference is that Tomica usually makes production and commercial vehicles and sells them in cardboard boxes. In comparison, Hot Wheels tends to make more wild and exotic vehicles and sell them in clear plastic blisters with a cardboard back. Both have their own fanatical collector's base which I merely dabble in. 

This particular Nissan GT-R was exclusive to the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 exhibition. Together with a dozen other cars, the Nissan GT-R were not only exclusive to the event but also sported a special Tokyo Motor Show design. 

Each model costs 700 Yen (inclusive of tax) and were limited to 3 per person due to the limited nature of these particular models. In fact, by the time I visited, two models had already sold out. This just goes to show the popularity of Tomica among children and adults. Thankfully, the GT-R was still available for sale!

I had considered getting other models such as the Mazda Roadster and Honda NSX as well. But, ultimately settled upon getting just the GT-R. One would have been enough as a keepsake for the event. 

Foreign visitors to Tokyo Motor Show were also not left out at the Tomica Corner as well, with multi-language instruction on filling in the purchase sheet for these die-cast cars. It is really refreshing to see large events such as Tokyo Motor Show having such consideration for foreign visitors. For that reason alone, I would most certainly recommend it to others.

The particular Nissan GT-R that Tomica had on offer was the Manufacturing Year 2017 model which features refreshes to the interior, exterior and mechanics. The car was only offered in one color, white. Which actually worked very well to contrast the Tokyo Motor Show livery and black wheels. 

To the untrained eye, all Nissan GT-R would look alike. For the most part, that is true as the differences are rather subtle between each subsequent update. Among all though, the 2017 models sports the biggest exterior change which brings the design more in-line with Nissan's current design language. 

Personally, the 2017 model is my favorite and until I get my hands on one, this miniature die-cast model will have to do the trick.

Of course, this is not the first die-cast GT-R in my collection. Aside from a Hot Wheels version, I also have a Tomica one that I got from Nissan's Yokohama Headquarters. 

Another party trick that Tomica cars are their functional doors. Both the drive and passenger side doors can be swung open.

If you have ever had any experience with die-cast cars before, you would immediately recognize the feel of opening these car doors. The unmistakable hinge of the door immediately brings back childhood memories. 

Taking a closer look inside, we can also observe the detailing done towards the interior. By far one of the biggest changes with the 2017 model GT-R is the restyled interior and that is represented in this model too. Talk about attention to detail!

Originally a kids toy, I can certainly see the appeal of these inexpensive toys to adults. They may not be the actual thing but, it does offer a certain sense of ownership even if it is a tiny little bit.

So there we have it, my little GT-R and a memory of the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. With that, we come to a close on this chapter of Chiba Days. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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