Idolmaster Live!

We're back again with our weekly posts about all things idol! Actually, it's just me taking over Thursdays to geek out over The Idolmaster and, occasionally, Love Live Sunshine.

This time, I'll be taking all of ya'll through some of the live videos I enjoy from The Idolmaster. What I mean by live is a live performance. Of course, each character in the games are voiced by very talented singers and what better way to capitalise on the market than to hold lives. Much like the Love Live concerts, The Idolmaster live concerts work the same way. In fact, it even matches the scenes from the anime/game what with all the glowsticks in a sea of darkness. This live performances was a given when the franchise was created.

I don't know many of the lives and in all honesty, I've only seen them across YouTube. I am a recent fan of the series and even if I was a fan previously, all the concerts are held in Japan so unless I'm a rich otaku, I can't make the live viewing happen. Without further ado though, these are the lives I enjoy!

P.S. These are clips, not the full lives. Aside from not being able to find a full one, I'm quite sure they aren't too happy with the full lives being uploaded to YouTube.

I'm not quite sure which concert this is from. Most concerts usually have names but I guess I can't complain because this is one heck of a concert! Just look at the size of the stage! I honestly thought initially that these stages couldn't be that big until I saw this.

What makes it better? The sheer number of idols they brought in! Sure, it isn't everyone but hell, that's a huge number of idols. I can imagine myself in the audience, experiencing this for the first time. It must have been an incredible experience that is difficult to replicate a second time.

This one is a Cinderella Girls special! Playing the ultimate song no less! I actually think the crowd here is smaller than for the previous video but they simply look bigger because of the reduction in the number of idols performing on the stage. The stage itself is also smaller but spread over a wider area that allows each idol to really reach into their audience. Their dresses are definitely more princess-y than the other concert but as I said many times before, that's a definite plus!

This ones a little different as it's simply a section dedicated to Asami Imai. And by that, I mean that she sings solo through three songs. She is, after all, one of their best singers and Chihaya is one of the most popular Idolmaster characters.

As you've probably seen, I do quite enjoy Chihaya's songs and her control over her voice is quite incredible so this was definitely a treat to watch. Seeing the gigantic audience also sets it up for an amazing solo performance. I really enjoy how they did the stage lighting during Nemurihime's chorus. It's exactly like the anime!

That is it for now! Only three live clips but these are the ones I thought I needed to share. Others jump around through a few songs and they're great too but these clips get right to the point. When I do find more eventually, I'll definitely share them. Until then!


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