Idolmaster Game MVs!

The Idolmaster is a video game series! People seem to forget that. I'm not surprised though considering much of the game involves watching the idols perform for the audience. There's usually a rhythm element but you can otherwise just watch the music video play out.

I have not played the games but I have watched quite a bit of gameplay and more so with regards to the music videos. I've actually watched a few of them and I'm here to share them with you! This is by no means a long or complete list but they will do for my Idolmaster fix (and hopefully yours).

1) The Idolmaster Theme

The music video I gave above is of rather poor quality but I like the cast switch in the middle. It showcases more of the girls. If you want good quality videos...

This time, Makoto leads the pack but I honestly prefer Miki over her. So....

Alright, I swear, that's the last video for the same song. But Miki leads this one!

I must say that my favourite part of the dance routine is the bit where they swing in circles and then know what, just skip to 0:56 for the last video. That whole sequence there till the chorus for some reason really entertains me. It's not graceful but at the same time, it's quirky enough to work.

Aside from that, the song itself is amazing. It's unfortunate that the anime didn't actually feature that song aside from the OVA but there's a reason why I'm linking 3 videos for it!

2) Smoky Thrill

This one is quite interesting because the song is quite a stretch from what I would consider an idol song. The music video also features more limb movements to emphasise that whole groovy, noire feel. I also reckon there are more close-ups on the idols' faces but that could be me overthinking things.

3) Kyun! Vampire Girl

Another outlier when it comes to idol music but this one is pretty neat too! The dances are a little more standard but the funk more than makes up for it. There are also a few notable moments in the whole routine. The 'kyun' and 'hyan' parts in particular are specialised moments that differ between each idol. There are even videos comparing them! But of course, I won't link them here.You'd have to source it out yourself!

4) Marionette no Kokoro

This is the song featured in the anime to mark Miki's will to do what it takes to be the best. I quite like this too as these trio were actually rival idols for the previous game that were then added to the main roster. Also, I like Miki.

That's really all I've explored so far. I didn't want to go too in-depth otherwise I may never make it out again. As a bonus however, have this:

Aside from the music being great, there are moments of moe and playfulness thrown into the midst to tie the girls in as a group rather than player selected idols (as it usually feels like for the other videos). They also make more natural movements and utilise the stage better with the crowd adding greater atmosphere to everything. Of course, this is a specially produced video so it obviously doesn't feel 'game-y' unlike the others.

But the chorus though!


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