Chiba Days #22 - Shibuya Sports Car Fes 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to another chapter of Chiba Days on Tiro Finale. Every now and then, I like to present some content related to my other hobbies here on the blog. And one of the most prominent non-figure collecting related hobby of mine is cars. While showing Takuya around Harajuku during his recent visit, I stumbled upon the Shibuya Sports Car Fes 2017 held in the Yoyogi Park. 

The event itself was a combination of a car show and an autumn festival with cars on one side and food stalls on the other. Funnily enough, the number of food stalls far outnumbered the number of cars on display. 

The sports car section is split into two distinct halves. The first half was occupied by the Toyota with their TRD and Gazoo Racing arm. 

Aside from the usual Toyota 86 offerings, Toyota even brought out their LMP1 racer which has seen great success in the Le Mans series. Earlier this month, Toyota showcased this endurance racer in the annual Tokyo Motor Show. 

This one was a bit of a shocker, a large scale Tamiya mini-4WD car. As little racers these cars looked very toy-like but, once brought up to scale, they actually look very good and demand quite the presence!

Toyota even brought out one of its retro sports car complete in Gazoo Racing livery. I would be lying if I said I knew which model this is but, it does remind me somewhat of the legendary GT2000 model. 

A Red Bull SUV cum DJ booth, anyone? Aside form this makeshift party machine, Red Bull also brought their Mini Cooper and were handing out free cans of Red Bull. 

The second half of the car show was taken up wholly by the Car Guys, a company specializing in high end super cars such as this very rare and strictly not-road legal Aston Martin Vulcan. 

And then there were many, many Lamborghini models on display. From racing models to road models, from the Aventador and Huracan to the Murcielago and Gallargo, they had it all. The only thing missing would be the very rare Countach and Miura.

There were so many super cars on display at the festival, it might as well have been called the Shibuya Sports Car Fes instead. In fact, the sheer number of Lamborghini on display even numbed me to the sight of yet another Huracan/Aventador. I guess too much of a good thing can be a bad thing too?

One car I was very excited to see in the metal was this McLaren P1 which I was caught off-guard by. The Aston Martin Vulcan was one thing but, the P1 was a completely different beast. Sadly, I am sure not many people could appreciate this sight. That being said, I have a feeling this is not the first time I have seen this P1 as I believe I have seen this exact same purple P1 online before.

Wrapping up the show was a Ferrari F50 and the first time I have ever laid eyes on one. The F50 together with the P1 were certainly the highlight of the small but, clearly expensive, festival. Honorable mentions include the newly released 911 GT2 RS which I somehow forgot to take a picture of. 

Of course, with the weather being so good, there was no way I could deny myself the chance to enjoy the autumn colors while taking a quiet stroll through Yoyogi park. 

The trees which covered the bridge connecting the sports car festival and the actual park was a welcome sight of autumn colors. 

The park itself too was filled with trees in many different colors from the the end of autumns yellow to the bright orange and red that add contrast to the entire scenery.

Taking a break at the park bench, I came to realize that this is the first time I have actually been in Japan during autumn time and it was a welcome departure from my usual winter and summer vacations. 

As winter quickly approaches, so will the colors fade and leaves fall. But like the cars featured earlier, their beauty is everlasting and made to be appreciated by all. While these encounters may be brief, it is up to us to savor and appreciate these moments while we can as it is the little things in life which make the biggest differences.

With that, we come to the end of this update on Chiba Days. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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