Just a quick announcement! I'm going to Tokyo! In actuality, by the time you read this, I'm already travelling around Tokyo. I've scheduled this in advance just to prep all of ya'll for the Tokyo posts coming soon.

This will be my first time in Tokyo and my third time in Japan. As such, the posts will feature my first impressions compared to expectations of everything I've read and seen about Tokyo.

Akihabara is going to be the first place I'm targeting and I'm even planning on going there multiple times! The hub of being a nerd and an otaku, it's sort of the haven some would say. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring every turn.

Besides that, Nakano Broadway is another great place for otaku culture. Combine that with Tokyo Tower and Skytree and we're in for some great sightseeing too!

I'll also be visiting Ueno, Harujuku and of course, Shibuya. These are mostly for sightseeing what with the beautiful views, interesting city life and the all famous Shibuya Crossing.

Besides that, I'm also heading out of town! Yokohama to be precise. It's a pretty cheap train ride out and it's a beautiful place by what I've been told.

There are some other places I'll be tackling too and more so that I have in mind but we'll see how those go. After all, this probably isn't my only trip to Tokyo.

As for the merchandise I want to get? Well, you're going to have to wait to find out.


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