Overwatch Updates

Some Overwatch updates! I'm a little late to the scene but best to update those who are still clueless about what's coming with Overwatch.

Firstly, we have a new hero! Moira is a support character who is designed similarly to Orisa in that Moira is a compilation of other support heroes into one. She can damage enemies like Symmetra and heal like Mercy though the damage is not very high and the healing is not auto targeted. She can shoot orbs like Zenyatta but the orbs can ricochet off walls and she can choose between a healing orb or a damage orb. She has a short but quick teleportation skill similar to Reaper and her ultimate ability allows her to summon the Blizzard equivalent to a pathetic looking kamehameha that heals allies and damages enemies simultaneously.

That's really quite the rundown for Moira. As I've not tried her myself, I can't give any firsthand experience on her playstyle but I've heard that she's a rather tough hero to use. She can heal allies and damage enemies but can do both to a minor degree only. She has rather limited mobility and her ult is only as good as her aim. Considering the flashiness of all her skills, playing her comes with a slight hampering of vision and decision making.

Blizzard World is the new map coming on Overwatch! It's like a theme park of all the Blizzard games including Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. I've not seen much of it myself as I am waiting to try it firsthand but from the trailer, it looks like happy wonderland! You know, if you exclude the shooting and killing. It'd be cool to be able to access the rides during battle but I doubt Blizzard would allow fun in their games.

Alongside Blizzard World comes new skins. These skins specifically reconfigure certain heroes to look like characters from other Blizzard games. For example, Widowmaker is Nova! It's funny because when I played Heroes of the Storm (to unlock the Oni Genji skin), I mained Nova most of the time. And now my Overwatch main has her skin! A happy coincidence!

Finally, it's said that Blizzard intends to move either some or all of the exclusive event skins to normal loot boxes. This means that regardless of when you play the game, you can still unlock these exclusive skins through the normal loot boxes. I'm sure that there's a time gap between releasing the event loot boxes and making the skins available to the normal ones but this is good news! Finally, a less money consuming tactic! Loot boxes are dangerous. Especially this winter season.


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