PS4 Slim or Pro?

My PS4 happens to be a first generation model: the one with the cooling defect. Over the years of playing, I've realised that even from the get-go, the system would be unusually loud for no good reason other than improper cooling. Recently, it's also been ejecting discs on its own accord and showing clear signs of graphical glitches every now and again.
So it's time for an upgrade! And while I'm no expert, I can help you decide which PS4 to upgrade to if you ever find yourself in a similar position.

Clearly, there are only two options: PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim.

The decision is quite simple. If you want an upgrade and you don't travel that often, get the Pro. If you just want to change your system to something that isn't breaking down but you don't much care for power, get the Slim.

The PS4 Pro outputs gameplay in 4K but of course, that is only applicable when you have a 4K TV. It looks stunning but there's no difference if your TV can only display 1080. The Pro also loads faster so expect shorter delays when browsing the menu and faster load times across all games. This however, comes with it drawing more power though to me, the difference is negligible. The Pro is also bulkier but really, that's a small issue too.

The Pro isn't a beefy upgrade by definition but it's enough to be considered one. You get to play games in 4K while spending less time staring at loading screens. Of course, if all you play are JRPGs for example, it makes no difference as both factors are usually negligible factors for the game (excluding big, heavy hitters like Final Fantasy XV). Action Adventure titles benefit the most from this upgrade and personally, this is the one I'm going for.

The PS4 Slim, as I said, isn't really an upgrade. It's an improvement over the standard but that's about it. It draws less power while outputting the same amount of fidelity as the original. It's smaller and lighter too so it's suitable for people who travel around often but still want their gaming fix. I'd differ to the Nintendo Switch but again, PS4 exclusives have a lot of bargaining power.

Other than that, the Slim isn't really something I encourage players to get. If you're casual or you're starting out, get the Slim. Otherwise, invest a little more and get a Pro. Even if you don't have a 4K TV now, that can always come into play later.


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