The Frozen Wilds

The Frozen Wilds is the first and only DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn that brings about 15 extra hours of gameplay, a new region, new machines, new weapons and new skills to the fray. It's quite a hefty DLC but its costs reflects that. All in all, you're getting what you pay for but you should keep in mind that the game is going to be re-released soon as a Complete Edition. This is kind of a sucker punch for early adopters like me but hey, that's how the real world works.

The Frozen Wilds focuses on the aloof and weird Banuk tribe and really, the story is completely unrelated to the main game aside from references and common events here and there. You can essentially jump into the DLC before finishing the game but know that the skill curve is rather high so you'd best know what you're doing,

The first and most important thing about this DLC, to me at least, is how beautiful it looks. Snowy landscapes in video games are always a sight to behold when done right but Horizon takes that to another level (when it comes to PS4 exclusives that is). The night sky dotted with stars with an aurora overlooking a frigid winter and a volcano in the distance spewing ash into the sky. That's the kind of spectacle that is considered common. The vistas are just incredible to say the least.

Besides that, it's really just more Horizon with better gear and fiercer machines. And I do mean fiercer. This is coming from the person who thought that the normal Horizon wasn't that difficult despite what everyone else was saying. These machines will kill you unless you have all the firepower and armour you can get. Even with the Orb Weaver armour, it's not simple at all.

The story plays out relatively the same way as the main story in that there are structures to climb, bunkers to explore and some new characters that add something new to the experience. We also get a deeper look into the AIs and story which begs the question of how the sequel will play out.

All in all, I'd say you should play it. If you already own Horizon, get the DLC. If you don't own Horizon, wait for the Complete Edition and get it. It's a game that you have to play if you own a PS4. Well, till the sequel!


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