Idolmaster Movie Trailers

Keeping up with a certain Thursday trend, I present to you the Idolmaster movie trailers. It's difficult to explain what it is so I'll just show you. Another video gallery!

This is the first trailer we see them in. Apologies for the bad quality but it's about the only one I could find. Here, the movie stars the twins as they use giant mechs modelled after the other idols to fight...well, against the other idols.

This here is the second one where we take the idols and place them back into an old school action samurai yakuza film.

Finally, nemurihime! Or, Sleeping Beauty. Personally, my favourite trailer. I enjoy how Miki is the baddie and how Haruka passes on a legacy to Chihaya. It's just all the cliche goodness you get from a fantasy anime movie; just that it's using Idolmaster characters.

I like these trailers. They basically use the characters you've come to love in different situations and scenarios. It's similar to how fanfiction works. I really enjoy when shows do these things and sure, for the most part, normal shows can't do these. But when they do, it's extremely rewarding.

I really want to watch the Sleeping Beauty Idolmaster movie but for now, I guess it's just Xenoglossia first.


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