Do I Really Need More Headphones?

A short while back, Good Smile Company announced a new lineup of headphones in collaboration with KOTORI loves. with the 101 model in-ear headphones. While they have had previous collaborations in the past, namely with the Girls und Panzer and Arpeggio of Blue Steel ~Ars Nova~ series. You can check out all the collaborations between them here. This time, the spotlight is on Love Live with 9 different headphones for each individual member of μ's.

The image above is how Nozomi's headphones will look like. You can check the rest of them out here. You'll start to notice the recurring theme of all 9 headphones fairly quickly. Colored in each member's signature color, one earbud has their signature trinket (Nozomi = Ghost, Rin = Cat, etc.) and another with μ's written on it. A simple but, rather effective design.

Each one costs 4,444 Yen (before tax) which makes them relatively inexpensive. Although you may question what brand exactly is KOTORI loves?

Well, they're a Japanese headphone manufacturer better known for offering custom made headphones. Owned by Fostex Electric Company Limited, they have more than 60 years of experience under their belt. This probably makes you wonder why you haven't heard of them all this while.

Much of that comes down to the fact that they're a wholly domestic company. International shipping is limited at best and even then, their customizable nature means they are hardly found in traditional retail shops.

Herein lies the dilemma. While initially uninterested, I'm starting to take a massive interest in these headphones now. Their bright and colorful design has really stuck on me and, as I've mentioned earlier, they're relatively inexpensive too. As far as headphone are concerned at least.

Problem is, I already have a myriad of headphones that I own. Nine to be exact. So, as the title questions, do I really need more headphones?

Good news is, I have till the 20th of January to make up my mind, that's when the pre-order on Good Smile's Online Shop closes. Even then, the headphones are only released on March.

Ultimately, the answer to the aforementioned question is most probably no. Nevertheless, I really really do want them. Time to do some serious thinking. In the meantime, thanks so much for reading today's short rant. What do you think of these headphones? Do you plan on getting them?

Either way, hope you have a great day ahead!


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