School Idol Festival Adverts

By now, you'd probably realise that Love Live's School Idol Festival is a fairly popular mobile game. With millions of downloads worldwide for both the native Japanese and translated (English, Korean and Chinese) versions. Plus, it's also available on both iOS and Android platforms. Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped Bushimo and KLab from ensuring that the game receives continuous exposure.

As such, it isn't uncommon to see adverts fro the game all around Tokyo's train stations. I was fairly surprised to see the one on the train doors at first but, the one above really took the cake. A full billboard in Ginza's subway station solely to promote SIF, now that's impressive.

Of course, SIF wasn't the only game promoted in and around Tokyo. Take a short trip down to Akiba's station and you'll be greeted with tonnes of similar adverts which colourfully decorate the otherwise drab tiled stations. Perhaps I can share even more of these little tidbits in the future.

For now, that's all I have for today. Thanks so much again for reading and once again, have a great day ahead!


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