Mami's Nightmare

Yay! A new Madoka Magica series is in the works although, we don't know much as of this moment. The news might be a little bit old now considering it was first mentioned in Madogatari. For me though, I've just recently found out about the "Concept Movie" and have been soaking up as much information as I can about it.
All the news and teasers pivoted upon one point, Mami was going to have a more central role this time around. With Madoka and Homura out of the picture, it's about time we've gotten some more focus on our very own Tomoe Mami!
Gen Urobochi has mentioned an intention for Mami to take up a sort of God/Herald of War role which would be very interesting indeed after seeing the paths that Madoka and Homura went down. I've always earnestly wished for an "Ultimate Mami" of sorts and it's really making me wonder what Ume Aoki and the team have up their sleeve for the designs.
Ume Aoki? Sounds familiar? That's right, Madoka Magica's original artist is coming back to the foray and this time with more costumes being added to the mix.

Of course, I couldn't go all through such exciting news without wanting to do another Mami-themed photo shoot. That's what we have here.

I call the gallery "Mami's Nightmare" because don't you think Mami always faces such unfortunate luck? Especially in the original series with her history and outcomes taking place. 
Back then, a symbol like that would be no doubt be foreboding. Fortunately, things have changed very much for our Tomoe Mami and for the better, perhaps? 
While the movies hadn't explored too deep into Mami's story, a certain gave us a glimpse at what it would be like. With Nagisa Momoe now in the mix, I wonder how things will all play out in the coming series. Only time will tell but, I'm certain it would be a riveting one. 

Once again, thanks so much for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the gallery. Until the next time, have a great day everyone!


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