Happy Birthday Hanayo!

January 17th is Hanayo's birthday! As part of the celebration, everyone gets 5 free Love Gems on School Idol Festival. Not only that, there's an adorable splash art of Hanayo dressed in a hamster outfit.

A short description describes Hanayo's love for idols, her friends and, most importantly, white rice. Seeing as how today was a rather special day for Love Live, I decided it would be a pretty good time to do some scouting for new members. 4 green scouting tickets in hand, I decided to go for it!
The first draw was a Rare Hanayo I had already gotten, perhaps the whole birthday thing was true after all. Second draw and it was a new Rare Nico! I've been wanting to get my hands on the new pajamas series Rare cards but, there were really difficult to scout. Thankfully, I've another to the collection now. 

With only 2 Green Scouting tickets remaining, I was a little reluctant to draw further seeing as my luck wasn't all that good. Nevertheless, I decided to go for a third draw and the card which popped up was the immediately noticeable pink Rare envelope. By then, I was feeling pretty dejected.

Suddenly, the envelope spun a few rounds and it changed colors. Could it be? Indeed it was! A Super Rare China Dress Eli! Easily one of my favorite series of Super Rare cards.
While I would have preferred Nozomi's, Eli's is equally great as well. Now to start leveling up this whole new cards through its 60 levels. That's all the luck for me I guess. How was your weekend?

Either way, thanks so much again for reading and until the next time, have a great day yourself!


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