Yuudachi SPM Figure Review: Part 1

Let's Review: Sega Yuudachi SPM Figure (Part 1)

It's time for a new review! Oh, my. It has been a while since the last time there was a new review on Tiro Finale hasn't it? Well, until I start opening up more of my collection, that appears to be the situation for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, fret not as we've got a new figure that's fit for review courtesy of one our newest writer's collection. Why he didn't write the review himself is beyond me.
In the first part of this review, we'll be taking a look at some basic information about the figure as well as some of it's plus points.

Without further ado, onto some basic information about Ms. Poi from the very popular series, Kantai Collection. (Note: if you don't know why she's called "Poi", it's because Yuudachi loves to say it). Anyway, as you might have already figured out, this is one of Sega's newer prize figures from their SPM Figure Series, the same series responsible for the Snow Halation Love Live figures. 

Coming in at roughly 200 mm tall, Yuudachi stands relatively tall which is a plus especially if you prefer larger sized figures. Because of its height, there's a considerable heft to it as well. Materials used for construction is wholly PVC for the figure and ABS for the clear blue stand.

Front View
Released in December 2015, Yuudachi is a relatively new release. What this means is, you'd still be able to find her relatively easily be it in arcades, stores or online retailers. Be wary if you plan to win her from the arcade though as prices on the market are as low as 1,500 Yen thus, you might be better off purchasing it directly.

Rear View
Also, because it is a relatively new release, there are little to no problems with availability. Sega has always been able to provide a healthy stock of their prize figures around the market which is good news for figure collectors both domestic and internationally. 
With information aside, let's move onto some plus points of this Yuudachi figure. Keeping in mind, if you're a fan of Yuudachi's character, there aren't many options available and you'd likely be eyeing one of these as a figure option. 

Starting with the figure as a whole, it is indeed pretty pleasant to look at. Yuudachi is placed in a simple neutral stance and the sculpt is done very well. There's no mistaking it for another character at first glance. The colors too look good with a good pallet choice for her hair and uniform. Although Yuudachi's basic uniform doesn't have much in terms of details or coloring going for it, it's still nice to see that Sega did not mess it up.

Moving onto the finer details with some close ups, starting with Yuudachi's facial construct. As I mentioned earlier, the sculpt is done very well especially here where it captures Yuudachi's sharper jawline perfectly. The decals for her eyes are matte and applied neatly. Her fringe styling and black ribbon are a nice touch of detail too and they're both neatly finished. 

There are some slight complaints here though, as her skin tone looks much too pale and the green used for her eyes do not stand out as much. Not only that, I'm a little on the fence about her slightly muted facial expression. Yuudachi after all is known to be rather expressive.

Facial expression aside, let's move onto one of my favorite aspects of Kancolle. The armaments! Yuudachi being a Destroyer-class ship comes fairly lightly armed especially prior to her Kai Ni upgrade. 

She comes armed with a twin cannon turret;
And a torpedo launcher, one mounted one each thigh. While simple, they're executed really well and, in my opinion, one of the better aspects of the figure. The turret for example, isn't too large and the torpedo launchers are mounted in a logical position which does not appear as if it would hinder mobility.

What more, the red tips on the torpedoes are also a very nice touch, adding more color and contrast to all the gray and black that's going on. In fact, the red detailing was not a feature of the original Yuudachi sketch and only makes an appearance later in her Kai Ni form. Just by making these simple additions, Sega has gone a long way to make the figure that much more exciting.

Then, there's the backpack which, there's no hiding it, is really plain. It just looks like a cylinder with some piper sticking out of it that are strapped to the Yuudachi's back. At least the red detailing (which also isn't in the original sketch) helps to liven things up but, there's no escaping just how unexciting it looks.

In all honesty though, there's not much to be added or changed if one were to follow the original sketch. After all, the big change happens in Kai Ni form which most consider to be Yuudachi's default form these days. Hence, I can't really hold it against Sega in this aspect, at least they tried.

There's more to discuss mainly some flaws you should come to expect if you do decide to get this figure but, that and more will be discussed in the second part of the review. For now, that's all for the first part of this review of Sega's SPM Figure Yuudachi.

If you can't wait for the second part to put down that order, don't worry, I doubt it's a deal-breaker especially if you love Yuudachi so. Anyway, thanks so much for reading and once again, have a fantastic day ahead!


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