Yuudachi SPM Figure Review: Part 2

 Let's Review: Sega Yuudachi SPM Figure (Part 2)

Now before we move onto this part, make sure you've gone through the first part beforehand where I go through some basic information as well as plus points of Sega's Yuudachi prize figure. For the second part, I'll be going through some cons/flaws that you, as the consumer, should be made aware of prior to placing your order for one.

Starting with some tone/finishing inconsistencies that's present. It's widely accepted that a matte or flat skin tone is best for figures as it gives a more realistic look and finish. The same goes for prize figures despite costing much less than their premium scale counterparts. If you want an idea of what I'm talking about, feel free to check out my review of FuRyu's Super Sonico figures and you'll immediately notice it.

Yuudachi to some extent follows that same concept too with a matte skin finish. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the whole figure with there being some jarring shift from matte to gloss skin tones which become unnervingly apparent once you notice it. Have you noticed it? Look at Yuudachi's neck region and you'll notice a shiny gloss region.

If it's any saving grace at all, the turret more often than not obstructs this especially when at eye level view. While I wouldn't exactly call it a deal breaker, it's something worth noting.
Secondly, there's the matter regarding the quality of the casting or lack thereof. Yuudachi's blonde locks are one of the prime areas for this questionable quality with very apparent seam lines running across them. Then, there's also the scary nip mark present towards the top of her hair. This occurs when the part is removed from it's cast and isn't cut cleanly. Admittedly your mileage may vary and you may not even have the nip mark there but, it just goes to show Sega's level of quality control for this particular figure.

The same complaints are on the opposite side as well albeit being slightly less apparent. Let's not forget the head seam running directly across. For most prize figures, it's almost unavoidable in an attempt to save cost. As such, I wouldn't call it out on that.
Yeap, nip marks are present on the backpack too. This time they're on the poles. Makes me wonder, could there have been a better way of going about it? Perhaps there was but, it would have incurred a greater cost that Sega wasn't willing to take.

While I did praise the figure for its details, it isn't without flaws in that department too. Little details like fingernail coloring is missing. While I am aware Yuudachi doesn't color her nails, it would've been nice for Sega to include a demarcation of sorts to outline her fingernails. We've seen such a minor detail before on even smaller prize figures so, why not this one?

Now, before you go and give up completely on Yuudachi, know that such is the extent of complaints I have listed for it. While it may sound as if I have been rather harsh on the figure's quality, it isn't actually all that bad. 

Let's not forget for ~1,500 Yen you're able to purchase Yuudachi which is really good value especially when you consider how large the figure is. There may be a few problems here and there with the details and finish but, rest assured, the construct is absolutely spot on. Now, the question to purchase one or not rests entirely up to you.

And that, marks the end of this review. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you've found this review to be informational. Until the next time, have a great day ahead!


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