Medley Festival Round 2

A new event has begun on School Idol Festival! This time, it's Round 2 of the newly introduced Medley Festival featuring Hanayo. I made a mistake in my earlier post by mentioning it was centered around Rin, turns out it is Hanayo. 

As with every event, there's always a new SR member up for grabs, this time with the theme surrounding Winter and Fairies. The event (on the English version) runs from the 4th or April all the way to the 14th, making it plenty of time required to hit the 25,000 point mark required to acquire the event's SR Hanayo.
What is it? As the splash screen has shown, the un-idolized SR is a Smile trait Hanayo dressed up in her winter wear. While the un-idolized event SR tend to be rather bland, this particular Hanayo is extremely adorable! I especially like the "Love Live" written on her cap and the plush key chain on her bag, nice little details like these are always welcome.

Then comes the idolized version where Hanayo transforms into an Fairy! This isn't the first Fairy card in School Idol Festival though, as there's already Nozomi and Rin albeit being a Pure Trait card. Before I forget, the Skill of this particular card is a Score Up. "Every 14 seconds, there is a 46% chance of increasing players score by 300 points" which is really not too shabby. Stats wise, Hanayo is pretty solid too with a Smile score of 4790 at Level 80. I haven't decided if I will be ranking for the event just yet, I'll see how the event progresses and make up my mind then.

And while we're on the topic of Hanayo, here's my first ever UR card. It's Hanayo! A pretty recent release at it too. Sure, I have a UR Christmas Maki but, those hardly count as it is a promo UR. The funniest part is, for all my efforts, I actually got this Hanayo out of blind luck. It was a single Green Ticket scout and I didn't even do it, it was done by my friends.

Why? Because I'm notoriously known for my horrible luck. Well, that's all for today and a short coverage on Medley Festival Round 2. I'll make sure to update along the way if there are any new interesting tidbits along the way. Until then, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day ahead!


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