Mami at the Beach

It's time again for another themed photo shoot. This time, Mami hits the beach in her lovely polka dot swimsuit. After all, Tiro Finale is pretty overdue for some Mami content isn't it?
The model for today's photo shoot is Wave's Beach Queens Tomoe Mami Ver. 2, easily one of the most alluring Mami scale figures out in the market today. In fact, I love this figure so much I've reviewed it not just once but, twice.

If you haven't already read the review, I strongly recommend that you do. Part of it mentions the movable neck joint that Wave implemented into their Beach Queens series of scale figures. A small touch with big impact as traditional poses gain so much for flare with just a simple adjustment of the head's rotation.

Well, I could on and mention the attention to detail accompanying the great sculpt but, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Hope you've enjoyed today's theme photo shoot. Tomorrow, I'll be heading over to a friend's place to take even more photos of his collection. That too will be up on Tiro Finale as soon as I get the shots sorted out. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day ahead!


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