The Song of Love

School Idol Festival is back again with a new event, this time centering on Honoka. Titled "The Song of Love" this 10 day event runs from the 19th till the 29th of January. With the SR reward being, you guessed it, Honoka. The event this time is a Token Event but, without the addition of a School Idol Diary entry. As usual, players participate in normal songs to collect tokens and then cash in on the tokens to play the event song and rack up points. Oh, by the way, this current event's song is Nightingale Love Song which is also a Cool attribute song corresponding with Honoka's SR card.

If you've noticed, the token for this event matches the wooden container that's held in Honoka's hands for the event SR. That's because the theme for this event is "Setsubun". What's that? Setsubun marks the day before the beginning of Spring and is celebrated annually on the 3rd of February. To mark the celebration, one of its customs is to throw roasted soy beans to ward of bad luck for the coming year.

Commonly, the soy beans are either thrown out a door or at an individual (usually a family member) wearing an oni (demon) mask. Hence, idolized, Honoka becomes the Oni herself albeit lacking the mask. Stats wise, Honoka has a fairly high Cool rating with a useful Perfect Lock skill (every 18 seconds, there's a 46% chance of conversion for 2 seconds).

While the predicted cutoff is sitting rather low at the moment, I've decided against tiering for this event because the upcoming 2 events are Eli's and Nozomi's. Gotta save up as much Love Gems as I can. If you are aiming to tier for the event, I wish you all the best!

That's all for today. Once again, thanks so much for reading and hope you have a great day ahead.


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