Nico's Secret Survey: Story 5

It's time for the final part of Nico's Secret Survey! Will Rin and Nico finally find out the secret to Hanayo's bust? Read on to find out.

Look's like Nico has a new target in mind. Poor Kotori but, at least Hanayo wouldn't have to be harassed further. While I didn't expect this entry to end on a hanging note like this, it certainly has proven to be one of the more interesting School Idol Diary entries for me thus far. 

I hope you've enjoyed it though and thanks so much for reading. What's the next School Idol Festival event? If it follows the Japanese schedule, it should be the Second Medley Festival. This time featuring Hanayo. I really enjoyed the first Medley Festival and I'm rather looking forward to the next. Until then, have a nice day everyone!


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