Figma Nozomi Announced

Nozomi's Figma has finally been announced! This makes it the 7th Love Live Figma with only Hanayo and Nico remaining. We've known for a while now that Nozomi would be next in line for release after Maki but, it's great to finally see hot the final product (should) look like. Before I jump in any further, I'll just gloss over quickly some basic information about Good Smile's latest offering.

Figma No. 285, Nozomi is scheduled for release August 2016 with a retail price of 5,370 Yen (before tax). Pre-orders are open from now till the 10th of February 2016 on Good Smile's shop. Otherwise, you can opt to pre-order from other online retailers such as AmiAmi and HLJ especially if you miss Good Smile's pre-order. Alternatively, you can just get it from your local stores where prices may go as low as 4,000 Yen (before tax).

So, what does Muse's purple-haired spiritual leader come bundled with? Well aside from her school bag and video camera (shown above), Nozomi also comes with her trusty tarot cards and two glow sticks of her image color (purple if you were still wondering).

Then, there's also 3 expressions available; a gentle smile, cheerful singing and mischievous expression. All of which perfectly recreates Nozomi's expressions. 
Of course, included with every Figma figure is an articulated stand to help with posing. Although Figma(s) aren't Good Smile Company's most popular series, it's great to see that they've made positive progress with the series especially in the articulation department.

Of course, if you're not a fan of the exposed joints then, Figma figures would be not exactly be your cup of tea. Nevertheless, I'd always recommend every figure collector to experience a Figma figure at least once. The movable joints opens up a host of different poses and it really helps keeps things fresh. Not to mention, the quality is effortlessly top notch and there are additional accessory parts available too. My favorite definitely has to be the Little Armory series. Nozomi with a high powered rifle anyone?

As incentive to pre-order from Good Smile Company's Online Shop, there's an added bonus of a winking expression. Which begs the question, just how badly do you want the expression? As is, Figma figures aren't exactly easy on the wallet. Secondly, retailers tend to offer discounts over the retail price, somewhere in the ball park of 25-30% off. 

So, what do I think of, my long awaited, Figma Nozomi? While I still think her bust looks a little funny, I absolutely adore the sculpt on Nozomi's hair and the lovely green they chose for her eyes. The colors (green and purple) absolutely stand out making Nozomi instantly recognizable. The ghost charm on her school bag is also another great piece of detail.

Currently, I'm just wondering if I should pre-order it directly from GSC or wait. Since I have till February, there is still some time available to think it through. Even then, the  figure only releases in August which is a long more ways to go.

What about you? Is Nozomi the best girl you've been waiting a long time for its reveal or just a pass? Either way, thanks so much for reading and once again, have a fantastic day ahead!


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