First Blue Coupon (SR/UR) Scouting!

In Love Live's School Idol Festival game, there are 3 main ways to scout for new members. These are:
  1. Friendship Scouting - the easiest which uses up Friendship Points, a relatively easy to obtain sub-currency obtained either as a daily reward, song achievement of event reward. These have a 90% N + 10% R chance whenever making a draw, with a really off chance of getting an SR (<1%).
  2. Green Coupon Scouting - these use, namesake, Green Coupons to draw one card from the Honor Scouting pile. With these, there's a 90% R, 10% SR and 1% UR chance. While the odds for an SR/UR are still low, it's still your most consistent bet. Green Coupons are usually obtained as event rewards which make them fairly sought after.
  3. Blue Coupon Scouting - lastly it is the Holy Grail of it all with (as pictured above) an 80% SR and 20% UR draw rate. The odds alone guarantees an SR and, for many, the best chances at getting a UR card. The only downside is that, as you would have guessed, Blue Coupons are extremely hard to come by. Given once every 20 Ranks or for every 10 Honor Scouts, these Blue Coupons are extremely sought after.
I've been holding onto 7 Blue Coupons for a while now and upon reaching Rank 100, I received my eighth one. Despite having notoriously bad luck, I decided it was time to dive into the pit of opportunities. 

Why now? That's largely in part to the fact that my teams have more or less started to top out with the next required boost coming from SR and above cards. This then became a matter of progression.

So how would my luck hold up?

Lady luck appeared to be on my side this time with what appeared to be an initial SR draw transforming into a UR one. At this point, I had no complaints even if the card wasn't Nozomi. What it was in fact the Valentine's version of Maki's UR. Now if only I had the accompanying Nico UR. Maybe next time?

Well, that's all for today. Thanks so much for reading and once again, have a great day ahead!


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