Photo(s) of the Day: Sonico at the Concert

I wasn't so sure what to write about today. I suppose it's one of those days where you don't really know what to say. On days like these, I much prefer to let my pictures do the talking and that's exactly what I've done for today.

It seems Sonico and her band, First Astronomical Velocity, released a new Christmas track recently. I've yet to listen to it yet but, knowing about it gave me a great idea.
Most of my figures are still packed in their original box after having moved. Fortunately, Sonico's Kyun Chara figure box was really easy to unpack. Just slide the paper back of the plastic blister, remove the contents and voila!
My favorite shot among these four has to be the second one. I contemplated posting only a single shot but, I felt that would be too few. With that, I went with four instead. I hope you've enjoyed this little segment. Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for more content updates. Perhaps one of the new writers would even have something up by then. Until then, have a fantastic day ahead!


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