Figure Wishlist: Future Mami Figures (Part 1)

With the recent announcement of 2 new Mami figures (a Nendoroid and a scale) by Good Smile Company at this year's Summer Wonder Festival, things are looking pretty good for Mami merchandise-wise especially on the back of the newly released SQ Madogatari Mami figures. But, as a Mami devotee, I can only wonder what is to come in the future. Despite all the new and exciting announcements, I still dearly crave for more Mami figures in the market! With that in mind, I made a list of Mami(s) I would like to see be released in the future. In fact, some of them probably will.

1. Magiccraft Part 3 Tomoe Mami
After the immense success that was the Magiccraft Madoka Magica Kuji, Banpresto are at it again with a third addition to the series and whole new outfit designs for all the characters. Part 1 saw the reveal of Mami wearing her Bebe/Charlotte hoodie with the subsequent Part 2 finally seeing her in figure form. This time around, Part 3 reveals whole new outfits with Mami sporting a similar Bebe/Charlotte outfit. Only difference is, this time is a dress and one which shares some design resemblance to her Magical Girl outfit. I absolutely love it and can not wait for her to be revealed in figure from come Part 4! Come then, I also hope Nagisa gets her own figure rather than be relegated to Bebe. That said, Bebe better be there too!

2. Idol Mami
First revealed in the Madoka Magica Portable video game for the PSP, it was possible for Mami to progress into becoming a full-fledged idol in one of the alternate story lines. This is perhaps one of the earliest official variations of Mami but, no real merchandise has ever been made of Mami in this guise which is a real shame. A simple 1/8 scale figure by Freeing would have been great! Alas, nothing of that sort has ever come to fruition. One day!
3. Halloween Mami
Aniplex's Halloween Madoka Magica special had the girls dressed up in various costumes from ghosts to fairy tale princesses. The best of them all though, without a doubt, has to be Mami dressed as Red Riding Hood. Not only does the outfit fit her perfectly, the clueless Bebe in the basket just serves as the icing on the cake! It is an absolute winner of a design and I am utterly clueless as to why Aniplex has yet to turn this series of designs into figures. 

4. Lawson Mami
But, not just any ordinary Lawson Mami. Instead it has to be the unique one as seen in the clear file illustration above. The dress in Lawson's signature patterns and Mami's hair in a curled and tied up style absolutely complement one another. It is one of the most refreshing variations/designs in the series and I am sure many would one to get their hands on these in figure form regardless of character. The question is though, will it ever be made?

5. 30 Year Old Mami
Last, but not least, we have 30 Year Old Mami or OL Mami as I like to call her! Based off the spinoff manga, Tomoe Mami's Mundane Daily Life, this has to be on the very top of my wishlist for future Mami figures. Unlike the previous variations, this version has plenty of reference of material. 3 whole volumes of it, in fact! On top of that, it shows Mami in both her signature lazy tracksuit outfit and her typical Office Lady wear. If they ever decided to make OL Mami in figures, I sincerely hope they make both the tracksuit and OL outfit versions. Maybe the chances are better if the manga is adapted into an anime?

At the point where there are little to no Mami figures I had not collected, the want for more new ones to be released is even greater than ever. Nevertheless, I do understand that the figure business is still a calculated one where costs and profits always have to be taken into account. With a possible new season/series for the Madoka Magica series being hinted at the Madogatari Exhibition, I have my fingers crossed on the possibility of new Mami figure everyday! Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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