SIF Coverage: SR Rainy Day Chika Idolized

What an event this has been! Not only was it first for many newly introduced game mechanics, this event also saw a hacking incident brought to the spotlight. Equally responsible for these were players from both the EN and newly merged KR servers. Nevertheless, I am not here to talk about the events that had already passed. On this second to last day of the event, we are going to be taking a closer look at the idolized SR Rainy Day Chika!

If you think you might have misplaced her, do not forget to check your present box. All surplus members, including event SRs are sent there in the event you do not have enough space in your member inventory. For this particular event, you will need to hit 25,000 Event Points in order to unlock your second SR Chika.

Alright, onto the main attraction of the show, Special Practice! As always, do not forget to place the higher leveled copy on the upper slot so that the idolized version retains her levels.

Pass it through the idolization blender and Chika completely ditches the rainy day themed outfit for a more traditional School Idol outfit complete with lovely rainbow detailing.

Of course, the part everyone is curious about would be her stats. How does it stack up? Very well indeed. Sporting 4,810 Smile Points at Level 80, SR Rainy Day Chika is the second strongest Event Smile SR second only to, the recent, SR Retro Pop Umi. Couple that with a rapid-fire Perfect Lock skill and you have the recipe for a very good SR card.

Not forgetting, here is a closer look at the card.

Also, in recent additions, a new EX song has been added to the roster today. It is Bibi's track, Love Novels, a modestly difficult 9 star track. With that, today's SIF Coverage comes to a close as we prepare for the final day of the event tomorrow. The once low cutoffs have been starting to rise steadily and it will most probably continue to soar especially in the last 24 hours. Be sure to check out the aftermath of the event which will be covered here on Tiro Finale. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!



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