SIF Coverage: SR Rock Maki

We are nearly at the end of the event yet, only now am I able to put the spotlight on the first of the two event SRs available on Score Match Round 20. With my busy schedule put aside for a moment, let us take a closer look at the SR Rock Maki.

First, you would need to hit 22,500 point to unlock Maki. By this point in the event, you should have easily unlocked it already.

Here is Maki at Level 1, when you first obtain her. Her main attribute being Pure sees Maki with 3,680 Pure Points and a Perfect Lock skill. The points are rather low and unassuming but, the Perfect Lock skill is pretty good especially with a 4 second window upon activation.

Meanwhile, at Level 60, her Pure Points goes up to 4,510 points which is still rather low even by un-idolized standards. It is almost becoming a pattern here with the very strong event SRs only getting the bulk of their points in the last 20 levels therefore, requiring idolization. Upon reaching Level 80, Maki becomes the 3rd most powerful event SR. To think that Kotori just came in the previous event and we are already getting another ridiculously powerful event SR that needs to be idolized just puts that extra burden on everyone's Love Gem reserve.

Here is a closer look at the un-idzolied Rock & Roll Maki. While the overall outfit has quite a rocker girl feel to it, it is still rather subdued. As usual, KLab saves the best designs for the idolized version. With that, comes an end to today's SIF Coverage. Tomorrow, we will be taking a look at SR Umi. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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