Tales of Berseria Hype?

I was not very hyped for Tales of Berseria after playing Tales of Zestiria. I was excited for it but that's because I knew what the Tales series was and as a JRPG fan, I'd still play it nonetheless. Zestiria failed to captivate me as I wanted it too and considering I've not played many other Tales games, I thought that while the franchise was good, there was no use to getting hyped for it.

That is, until Tales of Zestiria the X premiered episode 5, which was basically (what I assume to be) the intro of Tales of Berseria.


There are a few things that I really like about the episode that served to fuel the hype within me but it basically boils down to two specifics. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

I like Velvet's character. She's instantly more likeable than Sorey not least because she's an aggressive good as opposed to Sorey's neutral (and sometimes overly) good persona. I really like her design when she was first introduced and I also enjoy the fact that she's a pirate driven by revenge. I like this displacement from the norm and I think I'd enjoy playing as her more than Sorey. I also really enjoy her banter with some of the other characters. She's an antihero who knows what she wants and I honestly can't wait to follow her journey.

Besides that, I like the setting more so now than before. I was always excited for the pirate setting but there are two scenes in the episode that really sets the scale for what I imagine will be in the game. I understand the premise now and I find it to be typical but at least more understandable from the get-go rather than a lot of the questions I had when Zestiria started.


Which brings me to the problem with this hype. The problem isn't that they'll deviate from what they're trying to portray. The problem is that I find the Tales franchise has a hard time executing the portrayal of their game.

Ufotable is fantastic but since the anime cutscenes are kept to a minimum, the cutscenes heavily used in the game stem from the game engine, which is fine, to a certain extent. I have had problems understanding Zestiria's story not because of the iffy pacing but because of the awkward cutscenes that fail to explain or convey anything to me. They're honestly quite dated and as far as I know, it has been like that for every Tales game. The cutscenes feel like old school JRPGs that have characters overreact to every situation presented to them with overly exaggerated body language. It's annoying, outdated and it just doesn't work anymore for a mature audience. It can be childish because heck, I'm childish. But at least make it comprehensible.

Which is why although I've been hyped up by the beautifully produced anime, I'm still a little worried.


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