Tokyo Days 53 - My Wonder Festival Summer 2016: Part 3

We continue the (much delayed) Summer Wonfes coverage, this time, with a look at Good Smile Company's booth. Easily the largest booth in the whole hall, the first thing that immediately caught my eye were the Pacific Rim Jaegers.

Gipsy Danger and Cherno Alpha were the first to be shown in their full painted glory. As part of the Plamax series, these will be plastic models with their respective runners (still unpainted) being hung up in the background. Looking forward to seeing how these develop.

They are making a Figma of her!

This was the point where I got really excited!

Nendoroid Tomoe Mami Maiko Version! I had waited so long for this and I am so glad GSC has finally decided to go through with it, really looking forward to seeing how Mami and the little Bebe will look!

The full Nendoroid lineup, on the top we can see the much awaited Nagato and Yuudachi.

The figma and figFIX series are also getting many new additions, including Mona Lisa and Nipako!

The assorted scales which were announced too.

A Bloodborne Figma and Metroid right next to it.

Continuing with the game theme, Persona 5 too is getting figma figures.

Girls und Panzer is extremely popular now and, as expected, GSC has their own lineup of new figures for it too.

Nendoroid Genos has been revealed for a while now and we see him looking rather plain here.

The Nendoroid series is really expanding quickly and faster than most collectors can keep up. Now no longer restricted to Japanese series, even the popular PC game, Dota 2 is receiving Nendoroid figures. Here we have Dragon Knight.

The other one shown also from Dota 2 was Mirana. While I am fan of the game, I somehow think these Nendoroids do not look as good. Perhaps because they deviate too much from the style of the source material?

Deadpool, being Deadpool.

A very serious figure of Saitama aka the One Punch Man which, surprisingly, was not that popular.

Every single Miku ever made into a Nendoroid including the humongous Jumbo Miku.

Now, for the good part!

A new Mami scale figure by GSC!

While still very much in the early stages, it is already looking really fantastic!

I cannot wait to see how it looks colored!

Sayaka too looks great with this awesome action pose highlighting her saber and cape combination.

With all these Madoka Magica figure announcements, you just know something is coming around the corner.

Which makes me even more excited for the coming year!

Finally, I leave you with the figure from the Monogatari series. There were tonnes of other figures on show at Good Smile's booth too. Some had lines going as far as 70 minutes just to take photos, these included the ones for Kancolle figures. Not wanting to waste all my time there, I decided to forego them and just take a quick glimpse from the side. After all, I got to see an upcoming Mami and that had me plenty excited already.


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