SIF Coverage: The Night Sky Knows Everything Conclusion

After 11 days of competition, the first Aqours event on the EN Server, The Night Sky Knows Everything, finally comes to an end. The final few hours saw a slight rise in cutoffs over the predicted values but, nothing too crazy as of yet. It will take some time for Aqours fan base to develop and grow but, so far, things are looking good. With this new format in play, let us take a quick look at the rankings before switching our attention to the second event SR or this double-SR event.

Beginning with the Top 5 spots, we have Coolguy taking the coveted top spot with 845,233 points. The merger of the Korean server also sees their top guns share the leaderboards with the EN aces. While the most impressive thing of them all must be OtakuRebrn and LuckSSL's scores which were 555,555 and 444,444 points respectively. How did they manage such a feat? I have absolutely no clue.

Next up, we have Tier 1, this time offering a triple-SR reward instead of the usual two. ShinyEinz luckily grabs the final 1100th position with 50,947 points. Considering the final reward is handed out at 50,000 event points, the competition this time around was not too fierce as the cutoffs for Tier 1 often surpasses the point where event rewards are no longer awarded.

The addition of Korean players did not see an expansion of the tiers which may change in the coming events. But, for now, Tier 2 too remains being the Top 5500 positions. Lucky number 5500 goes to, well, I do not read Korean but the picture itself should point it out, finishing at 32,095 points.

Initially, I planned to stop slight over 32,000 event points for a low investment Tier 2 qualification. That was until I noticed what the final few rewards were which promptly forced me into a final day rush. Once the dust had settled, I stopped at slightly over 40,000 event points and 2143th position. This position not only guarantees me Tier 2 qualification but an extra (third) SR Chika and Green Scouting Ticket.

Unfortunately, I was still unable to qualify for Tier 1 in Event Song rankings falling behind at 2533th position. Nevertheless, I cannot complain about the rewards which include everything shown above. Keep in mind, if you collect SR Riko, you will immediately collect both copies into your inventory.

Before we move onto SR Riko, let us shine the spotlight on the often overlooked event N member, Tanaka Sachiko.

Am I the only one who thinks the ghost badge on her chest look very similar to the one Nozomi has as a charm?

Now let us shift our attention to the star of the show, the SR Rainy Day Riko. This time, she is in a Cool Attribute sporting 3,580 Cool Points at Level 1 and a Score Up skill.

Un-idolized, Riko will top off with 4,410 Cool Points at Level 60. That is not too bad as you would consider most Level 60 Cool SR(s) to be around that point too.

To unlock Riko's full potential, you would need to put her through Special Practice, of course. Keep in mind, always place the higher leveled member in the upper slot to retain your levels when idolizing.

Successfully complete the Special Practice and Riko transforms from her blue dress and umbrella to a School Idol outfit identical to the one worn by Chika.

Train her up to Level 80 and she then outputs 4,690 Cool Points making her the sixth strongest event SR Cool card. Not too shabby for a first SR. Taking a closer look at her skill, it is the type of Score Up skill which would best benefit players able to keep a constant stream of Perfects. Inevitably, this may become a rather useful card for future Token Events.

Finally, here is a closer look at Riko.

Before I wrap things up, here is even more Aqours announcements by KLab EN with the addition of new Aqours songs beginning tomorrow (August 23rd). The songs will be available in all difficulties and I am particularly looking forward to playing Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM and Mattete Ai no Uta in EX difficulty. Hopefully they are not too difficult! Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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