SIF Coverage: Medley Festival Round 7 Begins

And so, it has begun, Medley Festival Round 7. For 10 days until the 7th of September, we will be looking at fierce competition in one of the fastest point gathering event in SIF. Top that off with the lucrative rewards from simply completing the Lives and you are looking at a huge potential for really high cutoffs. For this event, as mentioned in the preview, the two members in the spotlight are Eli and Honoka. An odd pairing with no similarities in themes because they were both originally featured in different events in the JP version.

Following the format introduced in the previous double-SR Aqours Token Event, the two SR(s) from this event will be unlocked separately. One (Steampunk Eli) via accumulating event points and the other (Vampire Honoka) via event rankings. That being said, you do will undoubtedly unlock and idolize Eli if you are planning to tier for the event. Speaking of Eli, the first copy (of up till 3) is unlocked at 25,000 event points.

Push on a little further to 60,000 event points and the second copy of SR Steampunk Eli will be unlocked. Notice the large point gap between the first and second copy? That is likely due to the speed at which players are able to earn points in Medley Festivals.

Lastly, the third copy, is unlocked at 100,000 event points. That is quite a substantial amount of event points but, by my predictions, players who are planning to qualify for Tier 1 would have to exceed this value. Likely even surpassing the final reward mark for a Scouting Ticket at 125,000 event points.

For Honoka, she will be unlocked as part of the "Event Ranking Rewards". Currently, there are still no changes to the tier sizes with Tier 1 cutting off at 1100th position and Tier 2 at 5500th position. If you are planning to idolize your SR Vampire Honoka, you better be ready to invest those Love Gems to qualift for Tier 2 and above. Either way, good luck!

With that, we come to a close to this opening introduction of Medley Festival Round 7 on SIF's EN Server. Make sure to stay tuned for all the latest SIF updates and content. In the meantime, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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