Mangas I'm Reading

I thought of letting you guys know about what sorts of manga I'm reading.

Firstly, One Piece of course. I love One Piece more than any other story out there across all mediums. Started off on the anime actually but moved to the manga because that is ways ahead of the anime. Nowadays, I just read the manga. I watch the movies and specials but not really much of the anime. Still listen to the openings though.

Nextly, I'm reading Shokugeki no Soma. My friend suggested it to me a few months before the anime was actually announced and I've been hooked since. I tried watching the anime but the cooking takes a while to build up to the foodgasm so I'd much rather just read it. Also, for me, the story is less about the cooking and more about the characters. Cooking is just a means to an end. I still really love my time with it and look forward to it every week.

I'm also reading Attack on Titan. I still argue that the manga's art is not very attractive but at least the anime quality is magnificent. I started off on the anime but when season 2 comes out, I'd definitely watch it. I watched the chibi series as well which was adorable. It's a little unfortunate though that it comes out every month but what can you do.

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun is an anime I found and have since followed the manga. I called it God-tier in my KonoSuba write-ups and I am not lying. Manga doesn't update very regularly but whenever it does, it's always a fun time. My favourite character is Seo and my favourite pairing is Seo and Wakamatsu.

ReLIFE is a show that I watched at the recommendation of my friend. Now I've started reading it and it updates every week, which is great! Wasn't much for romance anymore but ReLIFE rekindled that. Also, any shojo occurrences within it is usually subverted to play out more normally and the series is about character growth more than it is about love. I enjoy it a lot!

Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen is a manga I found quite recently mostly because I was looking for a popular new series to start and saw the cover art. It doesn't update regularly at all (considering the author switched publishers and has only recently started drawing the series again) but I like what I've read so far. It's slowly entering the dangerously cliche and generic zone but I hope that gets subverted. Also, if I'm the main character, I'd choose Satsuki.

New Game! That is one that I've found through this season's anime list. Love the anime, moved to the manga, love it there too. A pretty good read and it's been getting pretty decent updates recently. Looking forward to updates for that one. Also, said it previously but will say it again, Hifumi is best girl.

Monster Musume of course. I started reading that ways before the anime came out and really quite enjoyed it. Admittedly, I skim through quite a bit of it because I only truly like the main girls (the ones that live with the main character). Anime was also good. I liked the little info panels at the end on the various races within that specific species.

Flying Witch. Found that through the anime and started reading it. Pretty decent, doesn't update regularly. I really liked the anime though. Amaama to Inazuma. Again, found through the anime. Really enjoying it. Suki x Suki. One that I found barely a week ago. It's pretty alright.

That concludes the list! I'm following these, how about you guys? KonoSuba as well but I'm reading the light novels for that series, not the manga. I also didn't include stuff I've finished (obviously) like Bleach for example, which concluded recently.


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