Late July Haul - Mami Mania

First of all, yes I am aware that July has long past. In fact, we are already nearing the end of August. But, with all that I have had to go through these past few weeks between moving, work and studies, I just have not had to time to. Not wanting to procrastinate any longer, I bring you my final hurrah of a haul in Tokyo before it was time for me to leave. Starting with the latest Mami figure in the market, the SQ Madogatari Tomoe Mami Shinobu Version! Available in both Normal and Sepia colors, they retail around 1,500-2,000 Yen each with the Sepia Version often costing more. I could not decided on which I liked better so, I carried out the most logical course of action. I got them both. Accompanying that was a relatively rare find, the Nendoroid Petit Tomoe Mami Magical Girl version. Despite not having a box, the price (500Yen) and immaculate condition were too hard to pass on. Often I would see similar unpacked versions, in poorer conditions, selling for much higher prices. All three sourced from, the ever reliable, Nakano Broadway Mall.

Next up we have some awesome and super rare finds from Mandarake's Complex building in Akihabara. Initially, I passed it off citing no indications from their website. Nevertheless, I decided to dig around in the miscellaneous/junk pile to try my luck. Lo and behold, two Petanko Mami figures! One in Magical Girl guise and the other in the super rare Lawson outfit. The best part of it was they were both sealed and sold for only 3,500 Yen! Topping that off, I finally caved and decided to get the Madogatari Nendoroid Petit for 4,000 Yen. One last find, deep in the miscellaneous pile was a paper-craft Mami. It is the smaller version of the one I got in my earlier June Haul and is sandwiched between the two Petanko Mami(s).

At this point, I have gotten close to any and every Mami merchandise available. The only way to constantly keep the feed going is by branching out. Of that, there was one particular merchandise I had been eyeing for a while now and that is the manga series, the Mundane Daily Life of Tomoe Mami. It centers around the now 31 year old OL Mami living her single life. While this may sound like the stuff of doujins, it is actually an official series and one of the most popular Madoka Magica spinoff manga series. I really hope they make it into an anime!

Cheese!!! Just look at that adorable Bebe mini-plush! Found after many minutes spent digging every junk pile of every hobby shop in Akiba. You never know what you will find. For that, I always persist in pursuit of these rare treasures.

Speaking of rare treasures, these clear files too were quite the find for me too! In Akiba, they go for next to nothing with each file selling for approximately 100-300 Yen each They are usually piled by the dozens in the junk pile of their respective series. Take the time to look through though and you will be surprised with what you can find. Because of their age, these clear files have become extremely limited in quantities and even more sought after by collectors like me. But, to shops, these clear files are just as their name implies and hold little to no value. One particularly treasured find of mine is the Lawson Dress Mami clear file which can fetch prices up to 1,500 Yen! While this marks the end of my most recent haul, the hunt for more Mami memorabilia continues! Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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