SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 20 Conclusion

After two consecutive double-SR events, Score Match Round 20 has finally come to an end after eleven days of competition. With Maki involved in the mix, things were definitely going to get heated and such was the case as reflected by the cutoffs.

Before we get into that, let us first take a look at the Top 5 finishers. BBSenpai takes the top spot with a whopping 1,252,521 event points. Even more impressive though, is Kintolesky who shares the number 4 spot with Mizuha. If you did not already know, Kintolesky is the highest ranking player in the EN Server and, as of now, has officially passed Rank 600! The amount of time and dedication these top tier players have is simply beyond my imagination.

Moving towards something more grounded but, no less impressive, is Tier 1. The cutoff for the 1100th position this time goes to 124373 with 124,375 event points. I am fairly sure he/she changed their profile name in light of their achievement.

Moving further down to Tier 2, we have the 5500th position secured by μ's Fan at 88,856 event points. Earlier on in the event, many expected the cutoff for Tier 2 to rise above 90,000 event points. Thankfully, it mellowed off on the last day and the "Wonderful Rush" was not as bad.

After the close call I had with the previous event, I decided to play it a little safer for this event opting to stop slight over 90,000 event points which helped me secure a comfortable 4034th position. Unfortunately, this did involve me parting with 30 hard earned Love Gems.

Nevertheless, that sacrifice was necessary to enable me to idolize both the great event SRs at play.

Before that, here is Maria idolized corresponding with the same Rock & Roll theme as Maki.

Meanwhile, Kikuchi Akemi switched into this floral dress as part of the Explorer theme.

Moving on to the main stars of the show. First up, we have Rock & Roll Maki. Remember to place the higher level one in the upper slot when carrying out Special Practice.

Idolization complete, Maki is sporting a look more akin to her Rock & Roll theme.

At Level 80, Maki sports a very impressive 4,790 Pure Points making her the third best event SR Pure card. The Perfect Lock skill she comes with just serves as the icing on the cake.

Here is a closer look at Maki in card form.

With Maki complete, let us move onto to our jungle explore Umi as it is now time to put her through the Special Practice blender.

Gone is the safari styled outfit and in with a belly-dancer styled outfit.

At Level 80, Explorer Umi sports 4,760 Cool Points making her the 6th strongest event SR Cool card. For any free-to-play player of SIF, these two idolized payoffs were no doubt worth the investment.

I am not sure Umi would approve of the outfit she is wearing but, it sure blends well with the blue background of the card.

Just when you thought the double-SR shenanigans has come to an end, think again. The new event starting this coming Friday will not just be another double-SR (Token) Event but, it will also be the first Aqours event on the EN Server. How things will pan out is unknown but, it is worth mentioning Chika's card is pretty impressive.

Last but, not least, do not forget the upcoming update where the Korean server will be merged with the English one. This would result in a sudden increase in player base which may, once again, affect event tier sizes. Nothing is announced yet but, when there is word of it, you can be sure to read about it on Tiro Finale. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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