Tokyo Days 52 - My Wonder Festival Summer 2016: Part 2

We continue Part 2 of my Wonfes coverage with a figure from an anime I started watching recently.

If the giant axe had not given it away, it is Rory Mercury from GATE.

Made by QuesQ, despite being unpainted and in prototype stage, looks absolutely stunning.

On the topic of huge weapons, QuesQ were showing off a few Persona figures too.

While I do not follow this massively popular series, the figures looked really good.

This came as a surprise to me as I often QuesQ's figures to be rather hit and miss. One example are their Kancolle figures which somehow do not look so good.

Another example of their misses is their Takao figure which looks off both in terms of proportions and design. For one, just look at those legs which are just far too long.

Her eyes are also weirdly spaced apart and QuesQ seems to like using clear colored hair parts which really do not work.

One figure which did work was MonMusu's Mia.

Although it was not made by QuesQ and I have seemingly forgotten the manufacturer.

While there were several other figures displayed by QuesQ, those were all that caught my attention.

A re-painted Sonico anyone?

Next up is Banpresto, offering a glimpse at their upcoming Ichiban Kuji figures.

Swimsuit Yamato would be coming soon as part of an upcoming Kancolle Kuji. The clear color treatment at the end of Yamato's hair, now that is how clear colors should be used.

One figure which immediately caught my attention was the, just released, Madogatari SQ Shinobu and Mami.

Especially Mami! This was a figure I had been waiting for a very, very long time and seeing the product in real life, I was really impressed with the quality put in for an SQ figure.

There was going to be two versions of Mami and Shinobu. The earlier shown "Normal Colors" and these, the "Sepia Colors" version.

While the normal colored version looked to be the one most would get, there was something strangely attractive about the Sepia colored version.

What should I do then? Get both of course!

Next up is a figure of Purple Heart in her unleashed form from the popular JRPG series Neptunia.

Neptune may be an airhead in normal form but, in her Megami form she can be quite the serious cool beauty. Looks great right?

Next up, we have some Love Live Sunshine plush figures. Chika gets the big form while all the other 8 members are in the mini versions. They all look really cute although, I think if they had different eyes like Rin did, it would have been cuter.

There were no Love Live Sunshine figures on show as it was still rather early and the anime had only started airing. I am sure once some to surface, many people would be very excited about them!


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