SIF Coverage: SR Explorer Umi

With just two days left to Score Match Round 20, we bring you an in-depth look at the second event SR, Explorer Umi.

This time in a Cool Attribute and sporting a Score Up skill, Umi starts of with 3,650 Cool Points at Level 1.

It does not take long for her to unlock her full potential. By Level 60, she is already sporting a respectable 4,480 points. This will eventually go all the way up to 4,760 Cool Points making Explorer Umi the sixth best event SR Cool card. It would not be an understatement to say that Score Match Round 20 is offering some very high value cards/members indeed.

In terms of design, Umi's Explorer outfit is really pleasing to look at too complete with a safari-esque outfit and a set of binoculars. All in all, it is a very simple design which is made all the more better with Umi's lovely facial expression. Of course, the card's design takes a radical shift upon idolization and we will definitely be covering that, post-event. With that, comes an end to today's SIF Coverage. Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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